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Jul 18

Left cycling’s biggest race behind earlier this week, but not before writing this piece about the decline of French language at the Tour.

Jun 30

In Corsica with the Tour de France this weekend. Get up to speed by reading my race preview.

Jun 17


Took some time off from pre-Tour de France work to preview last weekend’s Prix de Diane, France’s answer to the Epsom Oaks. Check out my articles about the race in The International New York Times. Interesting articles to write, but perhaps more fun to be at the race in Chantilly last Sunday…

Jun 3

Donated some footage from my latest Basque Country shoot to Orbea (the Basque bike manufacturer) for a new Euskaltel-Euskadi commercial. Check out the final product…

May 6

"If the Tour [de France] is Wimbledon, then we can be Roland Garros…"

— Giro d’Italia director Michele Acquarone on his aspirations for the world’s second most-important cycling race. From my Giro preview in this weekend’s International New York Times.

Apr 5


Am currently in the País Vasco for a couple of weeks working on a film project about the region’s amazing cycling culture. Which led to this article in today’s International New York Times.

Oct 19

My latest video project: The Mopeddler, a documentary short about my friend Mike Rubinov and his moped obsession.

Check out more on Mike’s Austin-based bike shop here.

Aug 22

Another three weeks in July have come and gone. And after a couple of weeks traveling throughout Europe and the American Northeast, I’m back on the Texas beat.

But if you’re interested in reliving any part of the 2012 Tour, look no further. I’ve collected my daily Tour coverage for the IHT and New York Times on this site.

Jul 11

In the Jura Mountains, a First Time Tour de France Host

I took some time away from the race last weekend and headed to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, a small industrial town near the France-Swiss border. My story about the town — and its preparations for hosting its first Tour stage — appeared in The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times on Wednesday.

For more on the race throughout this month, please follow me on Twitter or check the Stories tab above.

(The photo above is of a mural, designed by the French cartoonist Christian Lax, that faces the town’s main roundabout.)

Jun 29

Tour de France Shaping Up to Be a 2-Man Race

This month, I’m chasing after Bradley Wiggins (above) and 197 other professional cyclists as they ride in the 99th Tour de France. My race preview ran today in The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.

For more on the race throughout July, please follow my reporting on Twitter or check this site for updates.

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